Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Owls and Cupcakes

I love Valentine's Day! Especially this year, because at Target their decorations etc. are full of cupcakes and owls, which are two of my very favorite things. When I went on the blog background site I saw this background with an owl on it! Sooo my year for Valentine's Day stuff! But, back to the reason I love Valentine's Day. It is a low stress holiday, not like Christmas or Easter, it is just candy and hearts. It is also an opportunity to eat chocolate, and I love chocolate especially assorted boxes with all sorts of tasty delicacies in them. Valentine's Day is a mostly pink holiday another one of my very favorite things. I have two very cute pillows that I got around Valentine's Day, one that I got last year and one that I got this year. The one I got last year was a giant cupcake complete with pink frosting a a big heart on top. The one I got this year is an owl with giant eyes who is also pink and has hearts that look like feathers. See why I love Valentine's Day? I think it was invented especially for me.


Clare said...

And of course you love Valentine's Day because it is your favorite second-oldest sister's birthday time, too! I know you just forgot to put that in there... The background is too cute and sooo Lisey!

Keck said...

Yeah, I love Valentines day too. Glad that you are enjoying the this Valentines Day.

Rachel said...

Target has the mini-version of your big pink "heart attack" pillow. I think you need to get one :)