Monday, September 29, 2008

A Sprinkling about Me

If you are wondering where the name for my blog came from it was from my ingenious sister Katy. It was inspired by my love of cupcakes. Let me tell you I love cupcakes my room is even decorated in cupcakes. My aunt gave me a cupcake trinket box for my birthday and my sister made me curtains out of you guessed it: cupcake fabric.

While I was typing this my mom said, "Would you please write a happy blog? Everyone else is dismal and your blog is named, "The Frosting of Life" so could you make it happy?" So that is the goal of my blog to put a smile on your face and maybe every once in a while to complain.

A little bit more about me: I love piano it is my passion and I have played for 4 years. I am number 5 in a family of 8. I like to read and my favorite school subject is history. I like to cook and I help my mom in the kitchen almost every night. When I grow up I would like to be a church pianist and have at least 5 kids. So that is a little about me. I hope you smiled because of it.