Saturday, January 17, 2009


I got an Ugly Doll as a belated Christmas gift from my Aunt Dawn. I was very excited because whenever I go over to my Aunt's house I always see her girl's Ugly Dolls and think how adorable they are. It is really cute. It is pink and has three eyes and a black straight line for a mouth with a blue tongue. If you have never seen one you have to look one up. Its name is Peaco on the inside of the tag it says, "Peaco is very shy. Well... on the outside. On the inside, Peaco is a wild man! You can see it in his eyes. All three, Peaco really shines when he's doing what he does best. DANCING! Peaco loves to dance in the water... much to the dread of his cousin Cinko. Why dance in the water? Well, think about it! When you dance in the water, no one can see you! SHY! Remember? It's kind of a pain explaining water dancing to lifeguards though." Isn't that so cute? Thanks Aunt Dawn, Uncle Cory, and the girls! I love Peaco! Aunt Dawn I figured you would think this was better than a thank you note. : )

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My weekend with Lindsay

I had a great weekend with my friend Lindsay and her mom. I got to go over on Thursday and stay until Saturday because my family was going to the Tri-Cities and there wasn't enough room in the car for me. On Thursday night we went to the movies and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The movie was depressing and made it seem like we all just go through life and live and then we just die. Depressing I know. Then when we went back to her house we watched Horton Hears a Who which was way happier than Benjamin Button. Then on Friday we cleaned up the Christmas decorations in the morning. That night we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. It was amazingly yummy! For dessert we had Coldstone's ice cream, I had Dark Chocolate Peppermint and Cake Batter. (Trust me it's delicious!) When we went back home we watched Phantom of the Opera, because we love to watch movies. On Saturday we went to the mall and window shopped due to lack of funds. All in all it was a very fun weekend!