Monday, February 23, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Page

Today was my first day of paging at the Capitol. If you don't know what paging is, it is a program for 14-16 year olds and you spend 1 week at the Capitol. You are sponsored by a representative, mine is Dan Roach, and you pretty much do errands and scut jobs that no one else wants to do. Your day as a page is different everyday, today I started out in the John L. O'Brien building (JLOB) on the 4th floor. You sit by the receptionist until she tells you something to do. I delivered mail to the representative's offices and other things. That was from 8:00 to 9:00. Then at 9:00 I moved down to 3rd floor JLOB, and did the same thing until 10:00. Then at 10:00 I went on the House floor. I was the Rostrum page so I sat at the front near the Speaker of the House, in case he or one of the other people up there needs something. You have to set there perfectly still because all the reps. can see you. It is very boring luckily I only had to do it for about 20 minutes,because then the House went to there cacuses. So, I sat around and delivered a few notes to the Democratic (yuck!) cacus room. At 11:00 I went to the page room were I did a bunch of supply runs for people. The supply room is all the way on the other side of the campus and I had to go there 5 times in a row. Did I mention we have to use the stairs all the time and I think I walked up and down 90 sets of stairs today, at least? Then glourisly at 12:00 I got lunch, pretty uneventful. At 1:00 I went to Page school, which is taught by an extremly liberal former school teacher. I didn't really learn much for the 2 hours I spent sitting there. When I was done I went to 2nf floor JLOB and did the same thing as at 9:00 and 10:00. At 4:00 I went on the House floor again, this time I got to deliever things to the reps. on the floor. The floor is very confusing to try and figure out. At 5:00 we were free to go home and get out of our hideous clothes. (more on those later in the week) Well that is a day in the life of a page! More to come.


Rachel said...

Delivering Mail = $0 dollars
Climbing stairs = $0 dollars
Intefacing w/democrats = $0 dollars

Spending a week at the capital, gleaning a 'once in a lifetime' experience = PRICELESS

A girl at my high school got to do that (years ago) and I never forgot her telling about it. I think it'll be one of those fun things you get to share with your grandkids. Maybe in 2012 when SP becomes the first female president, you can work for her!

Clare said...

I think that is one of the neatest experiences for you guys. I bet you will understand government better than most adults by the time you are done! I hope you make lots of good memories and learn tons of new things. Maybe someday, you will look back and say, "When I was 14 I served as a State legislature page...and that was what motivated me to pursue my dream and become a Senator!" ;)

Inspired 2 Smile said...

You got my vote!